Wednesday, January 3, 2007

File Phantom v1

We just recently launched File Phantom. It is a piece of security software that encrypts and hides files on your computer.

Paul Mendoza has been working on it for a long time and a couple of months ago asked me to come on board to handle all the design work for it. The product was already solid but needed some icons for the UI as well as a logo. At this point we did not even have a name for the thing. We quickly came up with this name and I produced the logo. At first we almost went with a blue and an orange for the colors of the logo but decided on this green and blue.

After we did that we bought the domain names and set up the hosting account. We decided to develop the website in ASP.NET since we wanted to utilize all the things that had to offer. I designed a Flash header and a skin and we put something up. As weeks went by I kept making more images and elements to add.

I had Linewave Media going as my personal design and videography business and had used Paul for some of the extensive web coding we needed on large websites. We decided to form and LLC with Linewave and publish File Phantom under Linewave Media.

The software itself is pretty solid. It works great and we have already won awards before it even sold one copy. We are now setting up distribution and have deals being put into place that will place it on websites to be sold like and others like that.

File Phantom not only is functional but is easy to use and looks great. We have a demo/30 day trial version online for people to download. Our installer looks great and we have a pretty nice user login as well.

Once you download the software and install it, it is pretty easy to get running. At this point you either enter your key or you go ahead with your 30 day trial. What you do next is create a username and password. Nobody can access your encrypted and/or hidden files with out knowing your username or password.

After you create your account and launch the program it will prompt you to browse for files on your computer to encrypt/hide. It only does this on the first start up but will get you going with the program. Once in the program you can drag or browse for more files to add during this session or future sessions. All you have to do is select the files on your list and hit a button and they will encrypt/hide quickly. It is pretty neat to watch this happen for the first time.

Bla… bla… bla… I will not bore you anymore with all that stuff. I am just excited to see the software get such great reviews and come as far as it has. In the coming months you will see it listed and sold on some major online stores and keep your eyes open for the next version… and the next version after that.

We next will keep refining File Phantom and developing new features for the next version. Aside from that we have been creating an massive online email blast application that will be ready by the time you read this or shortly after. Keep looking on the Linewave Media website for updates on what is going on with these things.


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