Sunday, January 21, 2007

Bits du Jour, Email Phantom, and Other News

On Monday, January 22nd (tomorrow) File Phantom will be the featured software application on Bits du Jour, a website that sells one application a day for a reduced rate. As most of you know, I and Paul Mendoza have been working on this application for many months now and recently launched it under the company we newly formed, Linewave Media (what was once just my freelance graphic design business where I would use Paul for my extensive web coding... now we also make software). Please take the time to check this out and take advantage of the very reduced price of File Phantom. If you missed the sale... sorry! We are planning on having our software featured on the site again soon.

Keep checking back for updates on the Linewave site. We are about to launch Email Phantom which is a web-based application that makes internet marketing easy. All you do is sign in, select the amount of emails you want to send, and then place your email address information in and then you can send thousands of emails instantly. If you do not want to send from your own email address we have an address to send from. You can send just about any quantity you life from under one hundred to in the multi-thousands. It is a great solution for those who want to send church newsletters or small to large businesses who want to send a monthly email out to their customers. It is also a whole lot less expensive and easier to use than buying your own software to do the same thing.

With Linewave Media being turned into a software company that also does creative design and video work, we have a brand new website being produced. Check back soon to see the new website. It will replace the File Phantom website and Email Phantom will also be a part of that. Do not worry, and Email will easily direct you the page of the website for those products... just like how directs you to the Photoshop page of the Adobe website.


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