Thursday, July 19, 2007

I got my CS3 Master Collection!

The standard design applications have been out for quite some time now but the video applications have been holding up the Master Collection of CS3. I finally just got mine. I have not installed them yet but wanted to comment on the packaging. The box shots -- really just rendered graphics to look like a box, lie about how the box really is. The box appears to be much bigger in the images online, much like the boxes that CS2 came in years ago. This box is about 5 5/8 X 7 7/8 in, only large enough to accommodate a few booklets and 3 DVD cases with 8 discs inside. The box itself is cheaply made with only plastic wrap holding the sleeve with the artwork (not even the same artwork shown on the website) on it over the two pieces that fit together to make the actual box. The integrity of the box is really not a big deal but coming from a company like Adobe, I would have expected something better... something they would take pride in. This just makes the company look cheep... but this is also coming from a company who has done a massive firing of many of their employees to outsource to India where things are less expensive as far as wages are concerned. CS3 is the most solid collection of amazing creative software ever made but I see the company throwing away certain things to save money when really they don't need to with the great success they have had and will continue to have if they make good graphics software.


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