Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Crysis Warhead

Crysis had an amazing singleplayer and multiplayer and my team reached within the top five teams in the world for it but things are slowly fizzling out. People are losing interest now that the leagues are over. (You can see my previous post on Crysis.) It was recently announced that there will be another Crysis game coming out, Crysis Warhead, and it will be out soon.

Crysis was great because it brought the best graphics ever seen in a game as well as amazing physics and... well, pretty much the game just felt like a real world since everything around you acted and felt real. Looking at human skin, you could see the pours of their skin and wrinkles... all the textures and shadows were perfect. The only major problem was that it took a beast of a computer to be able to play the game like it was meant to be played. I got it running on my old Alienware laptop that just has a gig or RAM and a 6800 video card... but on that it was not playable. I had to buy a new video card, an 8800, to get it to work on my desktop and then I ended up just building another new computer that was more beefy. So most folks are not able to run out there and buy or build a 15 hundred dollar computer just to play one game but some did and some were able to experience Crysis the way it was meant to be played.... and it is amazing.

The original Crysis took place from the eyes of some sort of US military special operations guy that went by Nomad. He worked with his team and they utilized these nonosuits that gave them the ability to cloak themselves, add some extra strength, run faster, and have some extra armor -- all of which only one of those features could be one at a time and would be depleted with use. The game is, in a nutshell, about (much like the movie War of the Worlds) an alien ship that was buried inside the ground of Earth (this time in a mountain of an island in the Pacific Ocean). The US and North Koreans have interest in this energy they find in this area and are both fighting to investigate... then they end up 'waking' it, or something, and a bunch of the aliens end up coming out of the ship and using their tactic -- freeze Earth. Nomad only gets so far and the game ends sort of open ended.

The new game, Warhead, takes place from the eyes of another one of Nomad's team mates named Psycho. Nomad interacted with different team mates throughout the game, here and there, but each team mate ended up seeing different things and going a different rout different times. Psycho spent the majority of the game away from Nomad on the other side of the island. Warhead is a story told from the eyes of Psycho. It is supposed to have a lot of new weapons, a ton of more action, and as good or even better of a story that shows what else happened on the other side of the Island. The first Crysis had a lot of exploring and not a lot of gigantic fight scenes with large explosions and heavy firepower. This new one is supposed to.

So... I and my team at 760 are very excited about this new game. Warhead is supposed to be a bit optimized better for people with lower computer specs so that should open the door for a whole lot more people to be able to play it... and of course allow the people with beefy machines to crank up the settings so they can view the game the way it was meant to be played. Keep your eye out for Crysis Warhead... should be out within this year on September 16th, 2008.