Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Crysis and FarCry 2 are Coming Out Soon... Time For a Computer Upgrade

...and I am going to need that computer upgrade to play some of these new games. Not everyone is into playing games on their computer, and might find watching a movie or reading a book more entertaining, but everyone must view the new technology coming out and drop their mouth a little in awe for how realistic and amazing things are starting to look in games and movies. Before we know it, we will not be able to tell the difference from what was created digitally on the computer from something that was filmed with a video camera. And that plays a lot into how these games are now starting to look... just like real life.

::: Crysis :::

These are the textures you will find in Crysis, the most realistic computer game to date. The game launches in about a month or so and it appears that I may need to build a new computer so that I can see the awesomeness in its full glory.

The game was thought to be the second version of the popular game FarCry, since it is being created by some of the same people, but it turns out that FarCry 2 is coming out at the beginning of 2008.

Everything is extremely lifelike. Look at the textures on these character's faces. You can even see blemishes in their skin and the lighting and shadows act like the real world.

Sure it is a computer game but those of us who do not play computer games still have to notice how real these things are becoming. Think about having weather systems and night and day, just like we do in reality, affect your surrounding. Crysis has all this. You will move branches of vegetation our of the way as you walk through it, trees will sway in the wind with different weather situations, and when you shoot at the trees they will fall apart and break where you hit them at. Your environment is very dynamic. The sun, and other lights, will create realistic shadows and lighting effects that mimic what we see every day in reality. All textures are taken from photographs so things look extremely real.

The physics are also amazing. Think about running through the jungle and when the plants hit your side they move out of the way and then continue to sway back and forth after you go by, just as they do in reality. Almost all of your environment is destructible as it would be in the real world. There is no more running into a building with a jeep having it stay all together.

Your environment is huge. Tens of square miles, possibility hundreds, are your playground. You will be able to choose where you go. There will not really be any limitations to where you can go. The ocean water is amazing to look at. Waves and the water move very naturally and the lighting also reacts with it naturally. You can hop in the ocean and you will find fish and a bunch of sea life around you. Birds will also be found in the air around you flying through the realistic clouds with the amazing weather system the game has. When it rains, it looks and feels like it rains and the added water will make your environment change.

Anyways... enough nerd talk. I will post something else about this weeks from now. I think that I will find myself not doing a lot of actual playing of the game but a whole lot more just walking around in awe of how realistic it looks. It will feel like you are there.

::: FarCry 2 :::

FarCry 2 is also going to be amazing. The first game came out a little more than 4 years ago and is by far my all time favorite computer game. The thing that made that game so amazing were a lot of things that Crysis is just taking to the next level. At the time FarCry had cutting edge graphics, physics, shadows, and lighting with a large environment with tens of square miles to explore. It also had a great story to go along with it.

FarCry 2 does not have a lot known about it yet. It is still made by Ubisoft but instead of taking place in a tropical island it takes place in Africa. It is set to launch in the first quarter of 2008 and I will post again about it when that time gets closer.


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